Smart Health Basic Plan | Affordable Health Coverage

Smart Health Basic Plan | Affordable Health Coverage

Healthcare From $69 p/m

Smart Health Basic Plan

The SHC Basic plan gives you 24/7/365 access to licensed and qualified medical professionals from virtually anywhere using your mobile device or laptop; including primary care and basic mental health therapy.

Virtual direct primary care physicians can provide diagnosis and prescribe treatment or medication with the same effectiveness as their in-person counterparts – even when treating patients for chronic pain management or chronic illness conditions. You’ll have access to the same virtual primary care physician and staff every time you use your benefits. It’s like having your family doctor with you virtually anywhere you go, anytime.

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Every subscriber is assigned a primary care provider to support overall health and wellness as well as management of chronic medical conditions and the coordination of care with local medical providers (i.e., specialists).

For immediate diagnosis, treatment, or direction of acute medical conditions.

Preliminary diagnosis, counseling, and treatment and/or referrals to local mental health specialists as appropriate.

We first diagnose and treat all that is responsible to handle virtually and then guide our members to the highest value, lowest cost providers and resources in their geographic area, including prescriptions, local labs, imaging, and other diagnostic services.

Weight loss, smoking cessation, and overall lifestyle coaching and support.

Consultation with our maternal and fetal medicine specialists, advice, guidance, lactation consults and more.

We support the patient empowerment journey through online education, research tools, a medical grade symptom checker, and much more.

Comprehensive formulary with over 2000 medications. 200+ of the most commonly prescribe medications for $1. Accepted at over 70,000 participating pharmacies. Includes direct mail order delivery, international pharmacy access, prescription assistance program, pet medications, and discounted diabetic supplies. See Basic Rx Benefit Overview for details.

Thousands of at-home diagnostic lab tests and screening tests direct to you. Results delivered through our secure patient portal. Share and discuss your results with your Virtual Primary Care Physician.

Monthly Rates: $69 per person

Member Only: $169.00